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CUSTOM PRODUCTS - At Mobility Equipment & Design, LLC we build all our products based on your specifications and requirements. Every solution is a custom product, not a one-size-fits-all pre manufactured design.

FULLY ARTICULATED MAGNETS - On our equipment we install a proprietary articulation plate for our magnets so that you get solid contact EVERY TIME! Magnets provide the safest, strongest, & most reliable method to form a connection with industrial batteries. The standard magnet delivers up to 1200 Lbs. of Draw-Bar-Pull & has no moving parts to break.

MBE units feature the “Floating Head”  magnet suspension method. This design simplifies the operators job of aligning the changer with the lift truck. This flexible mounting method ensures that a solid mating surface is always found during the change process. These quality magnets will provide years of trouble free usage even in the challenging environment of the battery charging room.

DURABILITY - Our products are designed and built to function for years in real life industrial environments. We do not make our products to work wellin the showroom, rather we build them to last on the shop floor.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY - At Mobility Equipment & Design, LLC we understand that every little bit helps and when it comes to efficiency we build that right in to the design. Saving you money and time compared to most traditional solutions.

USER FRIENDLY CONTROLS - We have simplified the automated processes in such a way that your operators will easily and instinctively be able to use and get the most out of our products. Not everyone ia a computer guru and you shouldn't have to call tech support for a forklift battery charger.


QUICK CONNECT ELECTRICS - This plug-n-play system allows the Walkie and the MBE to be powered off one battery. Along with the mounting method, it allows the Pallet Jack to be utilized for other uses. The system features SB175 Gray connectors, but connectors of other colors can be ordered without additional cost.

INCREASED BATTERY LIFE - Industrial batteries are expensive and they are increasing in cost all the time. We design our systems to optimally charge those batteries and this will increase their longevity. Many "Quick Charge" solutions on the market end up killing those expensive batteries long before their normal lifespan.

TIME SAVINGS - Our porducts require less manpower and help save time over many other solutions. You aren't in the business of changing batteries, the less time you spend doing that, the faster you can get back to productive work. We can save you time and money in the long term, contact us to find out more!

MODULAR DESIGN - At Mobility Equipment & Design, LLC we build our products to grow with your business. If you need to add another tier, an extra bettery changer, more storage, another feature, etc. we can add on to all of our products and tailor them to your needs both now and in the future.

SAFETY - When dealing with industrial batteries safety is extremely important. The risk of shock, chemical burns, or even pulled muscles due to their weight are all considerations we take into account when designing our products. We have a great track record when it comes to safety and we take that very seriously!

EASY OPERATION - The MBE units feature two methods of battery support, Nylatron slide strips and Booster Rollers. “Nylatron” Slide strips allow for easy battery movement, yet these tough, long wearing items secure the battery into position for added safety during transport. Slide strips are also incredibly long wearing and impervious to the effects of acid and water. They eliminate costly roller replacements found on conventional units.


Booster wheels are located along the leading edge of the unit’s load compartment. They lessen the amount of force required to move a battery and protect the slide strips from damage.



We are constantly adding products and features to our line of forklift battery solutions. We keep our industrial clients in mind as we develop, test, and refine every new option. You can feel confident that you will not find a better combination of affordability and reliability anywhere. We pride ourselves on customer service and begin every project with a consultation that covers the client's needs, budget, and physical space. This way every product from MED fits like a custom suit.




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